About Us

Providing dependable freight channels that enhance our client partnerships.

Our Story

Jolly & Sons is a proud family owned and operated business that was established in 1963 by John Frederick Jolly as a small fuel distributor in Wheatbelt WA.

Nowadays Jolly & Sons is a nationally recognised transport and logistics firm with a first class reputation.

The business now run by the third generation, the same core family values of integrity and reliability have stood the test of time still guide the business today. Boasting a fleet of over 150 assets, Jolly & Sons is emerging as a market leader.

Vision, mission & core values

Our Vision

We strive to be recognised as experts in our field and seen as industry outliers.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide our clients with dependable services, unrivalled value and exceptional experiences to ensure that they feel compelled to recommend our business.

Core Values

Great Communication

Communicate accurately and consistently.


We need to ensure we are depending on each other just as our clients are depending on us.

Growth Mindset

Our ongoing commitment to self improvement and the collective enhancement of competencies and systems.

Safety, accreditation & compliance

Between our ISO certified safety systems, our culture, and our dedication to continuous improvement, we have minimal injuries despite travelling over 3 million kilometres a year and over 110,000 working hours.

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